Saturday, August 15, 2009

Awards and Rewards....

Rather than an award I guess you could call this piece a reward. It was done by Helen Bailey, a student of mine. I was so excited to hear Helen's piece had been accepted into Nationals this year. But I always knew she was capable of great things she just needed to test the water. On a side note, Helen entered a cover competition for Horses in Art magazine. Not only did she win the cover, they published an article about her in the Spring 2009 issue. I am so proud of Helen. If you'd like to see more of her work click here: Helen Bailey Art

Elizabeth Patterson with her award winning piece "Sunset at Sweetzer". Elizabeth's award was the equivalent of Second Place. Congratulations Elizabeth! To see more of her work click here: Elizabeth Patterson

And a big Congratulations goes out to Shelia Theodratos for her award winning piece "Self in Progress". She took third place in Nationals this year. The following picture is of Shelia with her award winning piece "Laugh Track". Shelia was the recipient of the CPSA Great Explorations Award for Exceptional Merit in Explore This 5! There's no doubt about it, that's our Shelia.


Ah, one of my favorite pictures, Vera Curnow apparently describing to her friend Elaine just how John Smoklo does what John Smoklo does.

John Smoklo with his award winning piece, "Chrissy # 2 (34 weeks)"

Tommy Hunt with his award winning piece, "Dawn's Early Light". What? You are right! My piece was also titled "Dawn's Early Light". Funny as it may seem, that was not the original title for either one of us.

Pat Averill's wonderful, and yes, award winning piece, "Surf Suds".

Last but not least, my friend Laurene Puls. This is a self portrait she did after taking my French Gray workshop. She did such a beautiful job, I had to show you. I apologize for the reflections.

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Lynda Schumacher said...

Great pics Linda; really enjoyed them........and glad you are feeling better!