Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are you kidding me...?

I got an email last week from a woman who was searching for a watercolor artist named Linda Lucas. She wanted to know if I was her. Apparently, some time ago, she'd purchased a floral print and wanted another. I asked her to send me a photo of the print, I don't know, I though maybe I'd recognize the art work or something.

Linda Lucas is a very common name so is Linda Hardy and believe it or not quite a few of them are artists. That's one of the reasons I started going by Linda "Lucas" Hardy. That way no one could get me mixed up with the rest of them. Ok back to the story, nothing about the piece looked familiar so I thought I'd search for Linda Lucas since the woman had come up with nothing. Wow...I discovered I'm everywhere! No wonder she couldn't find her. After sifting through page after page I finally happened on a site advertising a workshop by the elusive Linda Lucas. Yeah! Case solved! I sent the info on to the lady and hopefully she was able to contact her.

So why am I telling you all this? In my search I happened on a page that had my name embedded in it somewhere. Oddly enough it was about knitting. I thought "....what? What's the association and where am I mentioned?" I could not let it rest so I kept digging. Ah ha! I finally found it. There was a reference to my palette guide. After a while I figured out who the page belonged to. It's Lupe's. Lupe took my workshop on 2007 Mexican Riviera Cruise. Mystery solved. About that time I noticed a colored pencil link. Once there I could not believe what I saw. Lupe...oh my gosh...she does amazing colored pencil portraits! So I had to show you. Here's a few of the portraits I found on her blogs. Yes, I found another one. Don't you just love the internet? If you'd like to see more of her work and step by step photos you can find Lupe HERE.
And here Art, Supernaturally Enjoy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The 17th International CPSA Exhibition & Convention in Atlanta, Ga

I started putting these on my blog...meant to get back immediately but I came down with mild flu like symptoms Tuesday the 4th. For four days I felt awful. I gradually got to feeling better the following Friday but I had a workshop coming up a week later for Keller, Tx ISD (that was yesterday) and I still had a lot to I had to do what I had to do. Everything else had to be put on hold.

I would like you to know what a pleasure it was to teach colored pencil to teachers. There were thirty in all, a wonderful group of men and women who, artists themselves, dedicate their time and passion to teach art to our children. I gave them everything I had yet feel like I owe them a debt of gratitude.

I don't know about you, but I'll never forget my art teachers. They kept me going. There was one in particular though, Mrs. Masters, who left an indelible mark on me.

That's Debra Yaun in the middle, trying to get everyone together to take a picture at the entrance of the Jacqueline C. Huydgens Center fo the Arts in Duluth, Ga. Debra told me the giant robot used to be the entrance to a toy store in Atlanta. Unfortunately the toy store went out of business so they donated the robot to the gallery. I'm sure it's quite a delight to the children in the area.

By the way, if you want to see more photos from Nationals go to, my new friend, Teresa Mallen's blog and a great, long time friend, Toni James' blog. They have some great ones.

The CIPPY award winner, Jeff George

Here he is, Jeff George, with his winning piece, "Life and Death", this years CIPPY, or BEST of SHOW, award winner. And very well deserved it is. I have to admit, when I saw this piece I could not take my eyes off it...honestly, I fell in love with colored pencil all over again. I took some close ups but believe me, nothing can really show the incredible touch he has. You have to see it in person. It's just so lovely how he applies pencil to paper. I am truly in awe of his ability. And if you didn't know, it took him 385 hours to complete.

Ok so I'm going to blow my own horn a little. How about this placement? Wow! I was stunned when I saw where my piece was hung...and what a coincidence...right next to Holly Bedrosian's. Strange as it may seem, we basically won the same award. Well she won one and I won the other but they were for the same cash amount and they both were called the Award for Outstanding Achievement . And we were right next to each other. Maybe we can hang together next year. Anyway, Congratulations Holly! Your self portrait is lovely.

Awards and Rewards....

Rather than an award I guess you could call this piece a reward. It was done by Helen Bailey, a student of mine. I was so excited to hear Helen's piece had been accepted into Nationals this year. But I always knew she was capable of great things she just needed to test the water. On a side note, Helen entered a cover competition for Horses in Art magazine. Not only did she win the cover, they published an article about her in the Spring 2009 issue. I am so proud of Helen. If you'd like to see more of her work click here: Helen Bailey Art

Elizabeth Patterson with her award winning piece "Sunset at Sweetzer". Elizabeth's award was the equivalent of Second Place. Congratulations Elizabeth! To see more of her work click here: Elizabeth Patterson

And a big Congratulations goes out to Shelia Theodratos for her award winning piece "Self in Progress". She took third place in Nationals this year. The following picture is of Shelia with her award winning piece "Laugh Track". Shelia was the recipient of the CPSA Great Explorations Award for Exceptional Merit in Explore This 5! There's no doubt about it, that's our Shelia.


Ah, one of my favorite pictures, Vera Curnow apparently describing to her friend Elaine just how John Smoklo does what John Smoklo does.

John Smoklo with his award winning piece, "Chrissy # 2 (34 weeks)"

Tommy Hunt with his award winning piece, "Dawn's Early Light". What? You are right! My piece was also titled "Dawn's Early Light". Funny as it may seem, that was not the original title for either one of us.

Pat Averill's wonderful, and yes, award winning piece, "Surf Suds".

Last but not least, my friend Laurene Puls. This is a self portrait she did after taking my French Gray workshop. She did such a beautiful job, I had to show you. I apologize for the reflections.

The Awards Banquet and before...

Shelley Minnis, Pat Averill, Shelia Theodratos and me. This was taken prior to the Banquet.

The Awards Banquet...

Not quite everyone from Texas. (left to right) Toni Wengler, Steve Gilbert, Shelley Minnis...and the person next to her you should know by now....Cheryl Cox and Yvonne Hyatt. Toni and Cheryl are former students of mine and Yvonne is current. Congratulations go out to Toni who also had a piece accepted in Nationals this year.

Yeah, we are all here...wait a minute, Cheryl is where'd she run off to? (Back row left to right) Ken Wengler, my husband John, Steve Gilbert and Yvonne Hyatt. Front row, Toni Wengler, me, Patti Gilbert, Shelley Minnis and Lou Hyatt.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thursday, July 30....Membership Meeting

My photo's may run backwards according to when the events actually's either that or not posting at all. Just so you'll know, I'm just warming up. I plan to post pictures from the Banquet and from the show. I have to quit for the day but I'll be back. Linda

Before the Membership Meeting, Vera or Kay, can't remember which one, said they didn't know why this was called a meeting since no meeting takes place. Meeting or not, it's one of the most fun events of the Convention. During this time all 600 plus entries are shown and all the products that were donated by the patrons are given away as door prizes. It's also the time of the "Big Give Away" and the time when the Silent Auction ends. If you've never been to one of these they are a lot of fun. Anyone can be a winner and most are.

If you plan to take pictures at this event you'd better do it fast. Melissa Miller Nece keeps things moving. That's Melissa on the left, Gayle Keiko in the middle and Kay Dewar standing on the right. Seated on your right is a very intensely focused Teresa Mallen from Ottawa Canada. Hi Teresa!

After the Membership Meeting everyone was excited and pooped. Some of us got together for conversation and relaxation . That's Kay Schmidt nixing my husband John, saying no more pictures.

Ok, I stole this from Toni's blog. I just liked the picture so much I had to put it on my blog too. Besides you should see all the pictures she posted of me!

DC 215 Chapter Display and others....

Helen Bailey testing the idea. Unfortunately once the pictures were on the stand it fell over.

But John, my hubby, took it apart and put a dowel rod down the center and "voila", it stood upright.

Chapter 104 - Detroit

More Chapter Displays...

Thanks to Gayle Keiko I now know which Chapter the cube represents. As Gayle said, "That 'cube' was put together by our own Jeff George! Lots of pieces from our chapter members. Los Angeles DC 214" Thanks Gayle for letting me know.

DC 114 Raleigh Durham - I do regret I did not get a full picture of this one. It was lovely. Thank you Jan Pope for letting me know which Chapter this display represents.

DC 119 - Greater Cincinnati

DC 117 - St Augustine

DC 113 - Gainsville

What goes on in the Hospitality Suite other than registration and check in...

Old friends get together and pose for pictures...

I've heard trouble comes in threes...I don't know so much about that but I'm open. That's me of course on the left, Shelley Minnis, the Sanford/Prismacolor representative and Toni James.

Shelley is an active member of DC 215, the Dallas/FtWorth Chapter. The lovely pink flower with the green background right above Shelley's head is her contribution to the display.

The table of give away's. You would not believe how much stuff was given away. If I had flown to Atlanta it would have been necessary to ship all the stuff I got. I'll tell you, it looked and felt like Christmas.

Some people start the bidding. In hindsight it might have been better to have taken a picture of the Silent Auction table without the blur....sorry about that!

Shelia Theodorados from Seattle and Pat Averill from Portland.

The Canson Rep, Melissa Miller Nece, Betsy Holster, Ken & Toni Wengler (from the Dallas/FtWorth chapter) and unknown.

National Board Finance Director Cheryl Cox and Shelley Minnis