Saturday, August 15, 2009

The CIPPY award winner, Jeff George

Here he is, Jeff George, with his winning piece, "Life and Death", this years CIPPY, or BEST of SHOW, award winner. And very well deserved it is. I have to admit, when I saw this piece I could not take my eyes off it...honestly, I fell in love with colored pencil all over again. I took some close ups but believe me, nothing can really show the incredible touch he has. You have to see it in person. It's just so lovely how he applies pencil to paper. I am truly in awe of his ability. And if you didn't know, it took him 385 hours to complete.

Ok so I'm going to blow my own horn a little. How about this placement? Wow! I was stunned when I saw where my piece was hung...and what a coincidence...right next to Holly Bedrosian's. Strange as it may seem, we basically won the same award. Well she won one and I won the other but they were for the same cash amount and they both were called the Award for Outstanding Achievement . And we were right next to each other. Maybe we can hang together next year. Anyway, Congratulations Holly! Your self portrait is lovely.


hbedrosian said...

Linda, thank you for posting all of these photos of the CPSA Exhibition. Congratulations to you on your award! I was very honored to have my piece hung next to yours.

Linda said...

Thank you Holly. I do regret I did not get a chance to talk to you. Perhaps next year...:)