Thursday, October 8, 2009

What I've been doing....

Last weekend I went to the Titus County fair to sit with the art work...let me explain. Every year several members of the Mt Pleasant Art Society volunteer a few hours of their time to keep an eye on the art for the duration of the fair. Since there's nothing much to do on a three hour shift but watch people, I took my camera and watched through my lens as they stopped to look at the art. Of course it's mostly high school kids that enter but you get a nice cross section of society filing through. It became quite a challenge and a lot of fun to try and get candid shots of people without getting noticed or questioned. I guess I did pretty good, no one said anything and I took about 350 pictures.

Anyway, I looked up and saw this little girl coming my direction. Isn't she a doll? I can't begin to tell you what was going through my head. I was so excited and hoped beyond hope that I could get at least one picture of her before she walked out.

Dreams do come true. She stood as still as a statue while I snapped away. I couldn't believe it. I probably got 15 shots of her while she stood there. Most of them were pretty good but there was "one" I put everything aside and spent the last three days doing a graphite drawing of her. Why graphite and not colored pencil? I just felt she needed to be done in black and white. By the way, the above photo was "not" the photo I worked from. My imagination is not that good.

Now that I look at her on the computer I still think I need to do some tweaking, mostly around the eyes, however I sprayed it because I would not stop working on it. I was beginning to make a mess of what was already fine. That being said...maybe I should leave it alone. Anyway, I need a title...any ideas?

As luck would have it one other little girl did the same thing. She just stood there and let me take picture after picture. I am biting at the bit to get started on her. I'm going to call her "Mona Lisa Child". The photo is extraordinary...every bit as good as the one above but different. I'm not sure what medium I'll do her in, she needs something special. Anyway, I don't know if I'll do her right now but if I do, I'll be sure and post it.