Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rising Sun, Indiana - March 28-29 - Colored Pencil on UArt sanded paper.

I am soooooo behind posting the photos from your workshop. I hope you can forgive me. Two weeks after your workshop I taught another one, which I will be posting soon, and I have one scheduled for this coming Saturday. I have a three day workshop coming up in two weeks and the cruise at the end of May. I'm scrambling to get everything done. Anyway, you all were great! My heart felt thanks to Vera who brought me in and a special thanks to all of you who attended. I had a wonderful time, I think you learned a lot and had fun too......Linda

This is the Group minus a couple who sadly had to leave before I took the group shot. Lurking in the back ground is Vera...see if you can find her.

The "almost" finished pieces. I was amazed at how fast most of you worked. Aren't they beautiful?

This is my favorite part by far...when you put your work on the wall. When I see how well you all have done I feel like a proud Mama.

Gettin' down to business...

Ah, there she is...Vera...and Elaine. You see the smile on Vera's face? No, well you'll see it in some of the other photos. Even though Elaine looks focused and serious I was always suspicious that the two of them were up to something....either that or Vera was laughing at me....which now that I think about it is highly probable. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed giving me a hard time but what she may not know, no she knows, is her teasing was equally enjoyable to me. (For those of you who may not know, Vera Curnow is the founder of the Colored Pencil Society of America)

Now here's two who know how to get the work done....yeah, I'm kidding. It may not show in this picture but they were having fun too!

Need I say more?

This is Linda, a good friend of Vera's. Strange as it may seem Linda and I were born the same year, in same month and just a few days apart...but what made it even more fascinating was we were wearing the same shoes. Oh, and she teaches art wierd is that?

Some of us love colored pencil so much we even wear colors like Lime Peel and Apple Green

Debbie wearing Lime Peel and Marcia in Black and Gold.

That's Carol looking good in Apple Green...

She claimed she was a water colorist and but she and daughter Lauren took to colored pencil without any problems.

Hi girls, see you in Alaska!

Hi Sweetie, you did a great job!

More Rising Sun...

There's a smile I could always count on...

Thanks for being so warm and friendly...

Look at all those colored pencils. What a beautiful sight!

It seemed like some people never looked up....

Isn't that gorgeous!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Colored Pencil Directory

Ann Kullberg has created a colored pencil directory that contains just about every thing you might want to know about colored pencil. I remember when I first started searching the internet for anything colored pencil related, there were a few things out there but searching took a lot of time and a lot of effort. Something like this would have been a favorite. Way to go Ann....

Colored Pencil Central

Monday, April 6, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

I am so excited. I feel like I haven't done art in a very long time which has frustrated me. When I got a letter from Nationals asking if I'd be interested in donating a piece for this year's silent auction, and needing some original art to offer for sale on the Cruise, I picked through some of my favorite photos and decided to work small. Small is better than not at all right? I think small is going to be the only way to go for a while. So, I've completed two and I'm beginning a third. The problem now will be which one to send and which ones to keep.

This is a little wild flower that pops up about the same time the bluebonnets pop up here in Texas. When you see them growing together they make a beautiful combination of reds and deep blue/purples. When these flowers bloom the landscape is an amazing sight to see. They are called Indian Paints. I loved the cast shadow that's why I wanted to do the piece. Interestingly the colors in the
shadow makes me think of the colors of a blue bonnet. Hummmm...maybe I should call this "Paint in a Field of Blue"....I think I willl.

I wish all titles came that easy.....!