Monday, August 3, 2009

More Chapter Displays...

Thanks to Gayle Keiko I now know which Chapter the cube represents. As Gayle said, "That 'cube' was put together by our own Jeff George! Lots of pieces from our chapter members. Los Angeles DC 214" Thanks Gayle for letting me know.

DC 114 Raleigh Durham - I do regret I did not get a full picture of this one. It was lovely. Thank you Jan Pope for letting me know which Chapter this display represents.

DC 119 - Greater Cincinnati

DC 117 - St Augustine

DC 113 - Gainsville


Jan Pope said...

Linda - the lady in the chair with the umbrella is the project of the Raleigh Durham Chapter - DC114, This painting is hanging in the NC Museum of Art.

Dee said...

Great collection of pictures from Atlanta. Your hubby is a whiz with the camera. :) It was a delight to see you again and get to visit with you. I look forward to our future gatherings.