Friday, March 20, 2009

There's nothing like waiting until the last minute...

Here I go again! I've had this piece finished for months so why did I wait until today to submit my work to Cafe'? Besides procrastinating, I could not think of a title for this piece. I actually wanted to call it "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" because that's really what it reminds me of....however I could not bring myself to do that. So when push came to shove, meaning I either entered or not, I was forced to give it a name so I call it, "Dawn's Early Light". I guess that's ok but I wanted something totally awesome. Something that would describe what I actually did with this piece. My intention was to go from black & white then let it sort of flow into color. I wound up using purples instead of grays but that's how I began to see it. So what do you call something like that? Yeah, I already thought of metamorphosis. Doesn't sound too pretty though.

For those of you who know I generally blend everything with a brush....I didn't on this one. I decided to blend the peppers but not the shadows. Blending brightens and intensifies the colors...after spending hours and hours on this piece I didn't want any surprises so I opted not to. I also wanted to keep the shadows light and airy so I did what I call a soft blend. All that means is the shadows look a little grainy compared to the peppers because of the grain in the sandpaper. I actually did the same thing with the following piece.

This is actually one of my all time favorites. I call it "Yesterday Morning When I Was Young". I would imagine I had a tricycle similar to this one when I was little. By the looks of it I'd say it's about the right age....and showing it's age, kind of like me. Anyway, it makes me smile when I look at it and leaves me with a good feeling.

Good luck to you all and hope to see you in Atlanta.


Vicki Greene said...

Your work is amazing. I just love looking at it.

Teresa Mallen said...

Ah yes, coming up with is more challenging than one might think. Not to make you feel bad or anything but I really like the title "Journey to the Center of the Earth". :-)

I was accepted into last year's exhibition but I was unable to go to Seattle because of my Father's illness. It would be nice to get accepted this year. If so, I shall be heading to Atlanta too. So yes Linda, hope to see you there!

Linda said...

Thank you Vicki and Teresa. Maybe you are right Teresa. Perhaps I should have followed my first inclination and called it, "Journey...". It's too late to change the name for Nationals but not to late if I want to enter it somewhere else. The reason I decided to go with another title was because I wasn't sure anyone would get it...maybe an underestimation on my part.Thanks for your thoughts.

I hope you get accepted this year too...hopefully we'll both get in. It's always exciting and I love the Convention.

Mary Jansen said...

Linda, this is simply amazing! It reminds me, for some reason, of the phenomena when moisture in the air creates a second spot of light in the sky next to the sun. You know..."sun dogs". The splash of light on the rim seems to have jumped over the interior with intent to light up the edge creating its own sun dog. Wonderful!

Toni James , Toni, Tj, pencils4me said...

Hi Linda!

It all makes perfect sense to me. Usually my title comes to me when my inspiration does, or while I'm working on a piece at least. I found that when the piece is complete, if it's still not christened with a title, it becomes very hard afterwards! Love the entry Linda, beautiful and inspiring as always. I haven't posted my entry yet.. I guess I'll go do that.

good luck!